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Bondsman History

I am proud to say that I am a 3rd generation bondsman.  I can attribute my willingness to work hard and provide great service to my desire to make my family proud and uphold the standard of industriousness we have. My grandfather was introduced to the bail industry in 1961 by Bob Cornett and wrote for United Bonding Insurance Company out of Indianapolis until their collapse in 1966.  He moved to International Fidelity who made him the agent for many of the western states where they did business.  Eventually, he formed a good relationship with Dick Savage of Amwest Insurance Company and played a crucial role in forming Amwest. He maintained this alliance until the death of Mr. Savage and decided to start his own surety company in 1998.  Sun Surety Insurance Company was born and suddenly we had a family business.

During the early days of Sun Surety, my grandmother, one of the most perspicacious people I have ever met, also wrote bonds with him as they raised my father, uncle, and aunt in the back half of their bail bond office building two blocks from the jail. Naturally, my father Mike and uncle Pat wrote bail once the opportunity presented itself. Pat became involved with the surety side of the business even before Sun Surety was formed. He then became the company’s first President, a position he holds today. My aunt Kelly decided to leave the mortgage industry to become the Secretary of Sun Surety. Mike made the move very shortly after the company was formed and is our Vice President today.

There is a delicate balance of things when it comes to operating a family business. Sun Surety is a rare, shining example of how smoothly and efficiently things can run when everyone is happy, works together, feels appreciated, and know when its time to be serious.